Born in 1987, C-P-K is the number 1 in kosher distribution in France
For more than 28 years, C-P-K have worked hand in hand with all over best factories in the world to build an unique range of kosher foods !
C-P-K is proud of its products and its brands and wish to share it with food lovers all around the world so it may live on.

C-P-K Mike Elliott Marketing is the Buying group in kosher Food for the European Jewish community.
C-P-K distributes more than 1 300 products in all Europe.
Its products are distributed on 150 selling points and on catering (restaurants, schools, day-nurseries, caterers, bakeries, pastry shops, butchers) all over France.

Its range of products extends from fresh products (cheeses, delicatessen, anchovy, smoked salmon, cod roes eggs, surimi), to frozen products (breaded fish, pies, meat, poultry, pizza, puffed pastry, ice creams, vegetables and French fries, "imitation shrimps surimi" etc.) including grocery products (tuna, vegetables tins, cornichons, mustard, mayonnaise, candies, biscuits and cookies, spices, chips)

Its leading products :
- The Tuna and the Poultry under the brand "Kol-Tov "
- The Mayonnaise "Mémé Hélène" (grandma Hélène) number 1 of sales and its Slata Méchouia
- Candies "Hadar Light" and "Mincelles"
- Fresh Meat or frozen "Kol-Tov" or "M-H Méhadrin" Glatt Kosher

- Its unparalleled Vendée brioches by "Mémé Hélène"
Try our inimitable soft brioche "Mémé Hélène", one of our kosher best-selling items! HAND-PLAITED, whole or slices. Product weight : 600g

Its innovations :
C-P-K was the first company to make shrimps substitutes on the French market with a label orthodox kosher. The range "The beautiful  imitations" leading on this market and the surimi "My Captain" was the only products of this kind, under rabbinical control from the fishing (delegated rabbinical supervisor on the boat-factory) until its production on the ground.
C-P-K was the first to introduce, to launch the first kosher sugar-free candies, as well as the first imitation "caviar" in 1988

C-P-K has been the first one to distribute kosher gummies. Slandered, criticized in 1988, for having launched on the market the first "small bear gummies"
From now, gummies are present everywhere.  C-P-K is copied today and imitated by all. Its seriousness, the quality of its products and their rabbinical supervision are recognized by anyone, at the moment in the world.

Its new products :
- Moscato « Lord Sinclair » a lovely white wine
- its famous froozen Fish and Chips
- croissants and similar products "Mémé Hélène": croissants, chocolate filled        croissants, « navettes » small bread parve nature
- Cookies 45% filling and  its cookies Tweet and Miamy
And so many others else to discover by coming to meet us or by visiting our web site :  www. c-p-k. fr

C-P-K is very proud to exhibit at the Kosher fest this year 2015.
Kosher fest is the best place to be in order to show new products and to meet jewish consommers and kosher distributors
Our company has decided to export its products because many americans consommers buy our products when they are in Paris, sometimes, some of them buy by internet and their order are sent by express messagerie and others buy by the intermediary of their luxuous hotel concierge
Why not to offer our products directly on place in USA !
Our companie CPK is unique because since 30 years, our business is to offer more and more products to the jewish community and to go down the price of kosher food. We organize everything from A to Z
We prospect new items, we select best quality and after we do our best to make them kosher. It takes time but we are so happy to launch news products or made new creations.
We make always AFIAT YSRAEL or BICHOUL ISRAEL. All our products are done on special supervision. Not authorized products.
Most of the time, we give our own recipes and the factory manufacture for us. Like slata méchouia (mediterranéan sauce with peper, tomatoes), frozen vegetables like msoki. 
We are the creator, the inventor of the kosher citronade (yellow lemon lemonade), and now all the world drinks Citronade !!
Some competitors has copied our recipes and one of them has entered into our own factory !! THAT IT NOT GOOD AT ALL BUT WHAT WE CAN  DO !!!

Please visit our website in order to visualize our products